Our Staff

Radiation Oncology Office Staff

Our friendly and knowledgeable Radiation Oncology Office Staff are usually the first people you will meet upon your arrival at our department.  We take pride in our patient-centered approach, from your first visit to your last day of treatment.  Our staff are on hand to schedule appointments, maintain records. They can also explain office procedures and assist with maps and parking availability. 



Radiation Oncology Nursing Team


The Radiation Oncology Nursing Team consists of a dedicated group of registered staff nurses and patient care assistants.  Our nursing team assists in the patient's initial and subsequent evaluations, and addresses questions patients may have about their treatment, and how to manage side effects.



Radiation Oncology Research Team

Our research support team assists physicians in administering clinical studies and monitoring patients who have agreed to participate in a clinical study.




Radiation Therapists & Dosimetrists


Radiation therapists are licensed professionals who have been specially trained in a certified school of radiation therapy technology. The therapists administer daily radiation treatments, assist in treatment simulation, and perform daily safety checks on all treatment equipment. This person also handles any requests a patient may have related to treatment appointments. They may be supported by a radiation therapy technology student.

The dosimetrist is a board-certified professional trained in radiation treatment delivery techniques and in the computer systems used to plan treatments and calculate patient dose. The dosimetrist works with the radiation oncologist to design a treatment plan that will deliver the prescribed dose to the tissue under treatment while minimizing exposure to normal, healthy tissue.


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