The following benefits are provided by the University for resident staff in the Department of Radiation Oncology:

Health Insurance Dental Insurance Domestic Partners Benefits Open Enrollment COBRA Mental Health Resources
Physician Assistance Program Disability Insurance Life and AD&D Medical Malpractice Liability Uniforms and IUSM Photo IDs Vehicle Registration-Parking
Living Quarters OSHA Dining Facilities Fee Courtesy Banking Services Fitness Facilities 

Additionally our department provides our resident staff: 

Educational Allotment: Each resident receives an allotment to use for educational purposes each year. The first year's allotment is allocated to the purchase of books selected by faculty for the resident's clinical work and classroom use. The allotment for the remainder of the residency program (years 2 through 4) is $500 per year. This allotment may be used for the purchase of books, journals, educational tapes, etc., or for travel to scientific meetings.

Meetings: The department supports resident travel to the annual fall meeting of the profession's national society for research and education--the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO). This support is provided during any year of training in which the resident has a paper accepted for oral presentation or a poster at the meeting.  Reimbursement will be made for round-trip air travel, accomodations for two (2) nights, meeting registration, and per diem. Other expenses are borne by the resident and can be paid with funds from the educational allotment, if adequate. Reimbursement policies are governed by Indiana University.

Computer Support: Computers are provided for resident use in the resident office. The computer system has word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation programs which can be used to generate slides, overhead transparencies and handouts for conferences. Both the Ruth Lilly Medical Library and Indiana Gamma Nu N.A.B.A. Sorority/Kirtley Memorial Library (Radiation Oncology Library) catalogue can be accessed via these computers. In addition, access to both the Internet and Medline (Grateful Med) is available. The Internet allows access to numerous computer bulletin boards (NCI, Cancer.Net, ONCOLIT, etc.) from which information can be obtained and searches undertaken. Medline allows access to medical journal abstracts for literature searches. All department staff and faculty have e-mail addresses and the ability to receive and send electronic mail.

Library: The Indiana Gamma Nu N.A.B.A. Sorority/Kirtley Memorial Library is located in the Department of Radiation Oncology, providing holdings in radiation oncology, oncology, physics, and radiobiology for faculty, residents, staff and students. In addition, the Ruth Lilly Medical Library, located in the Medical Research and Library Building, is within walking distance of the department. The department library's holdings have been electronically catalogued and can be accessed and searched on department computers via the medical library catalogue.

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