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The Radiation Therapy Program, sponsored by the School of Medicine on the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus, is designed to provide academic and clinical education to prepare qualified radiation therapists.  The major purpose of the Program is to provide a quality baccalaureate degree program in radiation therapy dedicated to the health and welfare of the patient through the treatment of disease.



The Radiation Therapy Faculty support the following values:

1. Student learning through the effective use of available educational opportunities including:
 - entry-level professional programs, advanced level educational programs and continuing education offerings.
 - diverse patient populations
 - broad spectrum of technology and health facilities

2. Creative activity and research resulting from the collaboration of faculty and students.
3. Ethical behavior and professional integrity in addition to technical competence.
4. Civic engagement involved in collaborating with a variety of internal and external constituencies including health care facilities, professional organizations, and IUPUI, School of Medicine, and Health Professions Programs Departments.


Student Learning Outcomes
Radiation Therapy , B.S.


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revised November, 2016

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