General Information

General Registrar Information

The IUPUI Registrar's Office provides many helpful service and informational links at:

Course Offerings 

Current course offerings for the Radiation Therapy Program may be found by clicking on the link to the IUPUI Course Offerings at, then selecting the section and term of interest, and then "RAON Radiation Oncology".  

Radiation Therapy Program Expense Overview

Fees: Current fee assessments, payment options and financial aid links may be found on the IUPUI Bursar Web page at: Fees are subject to change by the Board of Trustees of Indiana University without advance notice.

Books: Professional textbooks cost approximately $1,035 for the radiation therapy program.

Uniforms: While on clinical rotation, students must conform to dress standards set for the program. Uniforms consist of a white IUMC lab coat, landau-wine colored scrub pants and tops, and white shoes. Estimated cost is $300.

Travel: Students are responsible for traveling up to 60 miles one way to assigned clinical practicum sites.

Financial Aid: Financial Aid information is available through the following office; Financial AID Office, IUPUI, Cavanaugh Hall 425. University Blvd. Room 103, Indianapolis, IN 46202, (317) 274-4162.

All the above information is subject to change at any time.

Radiation Therapy Program Information and Contacts

Location (Indianapolis, IN)

The Radiation Therapy Program offices are located on the IUPUI campus in the Department of Radiation Oncology, lower level of the Cancer Pavillion building.  Classrooms and laboratories are located in Radiologic Sciences classrooms, in the Radiation Oncology Department, and in other buildings on the IUPUI campus. The clinical practicums are provided at a variety of clinical sites located within a 60-mile radius of Indianapolis


A new class of students chosen from the non-radiographer selection begins in late June, Summer Session II, and continues for 22 months, including all summer sessions. A new class chosen from the radiographer selection begins in late August, Fall Semester, and continues for 20 months, including summer sessions. Students are responsible to the program for professional classes and clinical experiences from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Students receive a minimum of four weeks of vacation time each year that coincides with the breaks between academic sessions at the university.

Department of Radiation Oncology | 535 Barnhill Drive, RT 041 | Indianapolis, IN 46202-5289 | Phone: 317-944-2524 | FAX: 317-944-2486