Medical Dosimetry Graduate Certificate

Indiana University Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana

Student Consumer Information About this Program 

The Medical Dosimetrist
The medical dosimetrist is a member of the radiation oncology team who has knowledge of the overall characteristics and clinical relevance of radiation oncology machines and equipment, is cognizant of procedures commonly used in brachytherapy and has the education and expertise necessary to generate radiation dose distributions and dose calculations in collaboration with the medical physicist and radiation oncologist.

Our Program
Indiana University Graduate School offers a twelve-month JRCERT accredited graduate certificate in medical dosimetry since 2010.  Starting with the 2016-17 graduating class, the curriculum includes 29 graduate credit hours of which 18 credit hours are clinical practicum. Click on the Program Calendar to the right of this page to view a typical year.

Evening and weekend clinical hours are not routinely scheduled.  If circumstances require evening and weekend hours,  they may be scheduled with the site clinical preceptor and the program clinical coordinator.  Rotations at clinical sites will be required within the State of Indiana, including the cities of Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Lafayette.

This program is offered on site only.  Clinical rotations are performed only through clinical affiliates of the program.  Although enrollment in the program does not preclude the student from otherwise being employed, the program requires full-time, on-site attendance.  On-line classes are not offered at this time. 

Program Effectiveness Data

The IU Medical Dosimetry Graduate Certificate Program is accredited by the JRCERT.  Program effectiveness data is provided both on this website and on the JRCERT website,


Program Faculty

Program Director:

Colleen M. DesRosiers, Ph.D.;
  Associate Professor of Clinical Radiation Oncology

Curriculum Coordinator:

Marvene M. Ewing, B.S., CMD;
  Senior Dosimetrist,

  Indiana University Dept. of Radiation Oncology
  Clinical Coordinator for Dosimetry

Physics Consultant:  

Jian-Yue Jin, Ph.D.

  Director of Radiotherapy Physics
  Professor of Clinical Radiation Oncology

Clinical Site Coordinators:

All instructors must be board certified in medical physics or medical dosimetry


To access our on-line application:

Academic Program:         I.U. Graduate School
Major:                            Medical Dosimetry Grad Certificate

Deadline for Application Submission:

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis!  Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit applications on or before December 1 of the year prior to the intended enrollment year as spaces fill quickly!  Applications are not accepted past May 1 of the enrollment year.


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